6 Essential Communication Tools for the Modern Workplace – Justin Osbourne

The performance of a modern workplace is defined by the employees, strategies, and tools it leverages. Nowadays, every successful company takes advantage of digital resources in order to thrive. As an entrepreneur, CEO, or project manager, it’s your job to improve the mechanics and productivity of your office.

Effective communication between co-workers is a necessity in the modern workplace. It is not a bonus, but rather a critical “must-have”.

Since the digital era is at its peak and will continue to be for a long time, companies can (and should) take advantage of communication tools in order to skyrocket their collaboration performance as well as their employees’ productivity.

In today’s post, I’m going to showcase 6 essential communication tools that aspiring and modern companies should integrate into their workplace.



Staffbase is an employee engagement tool that will skyrocket the communication efficiency in the workplace. If you’re frequently collaborating with freelancers and remote workers, this is the perfect tool for your workplace.

  • Staffbase allows you to send personalized push notifications and keeps track of the click and open rates. Push notifications are a great way to ensure that everyone’s seeing your message.
  • You can publish short updates, company news, important decisions, and essential documents. Employees can provide instant feedback on these updates by liking and commenting on them.
  • The tool comes with useful plugins that will fit most of your internal communication needs: employees directories, maps, chat, surveys, company news, and more!
  • You can import social media posts, blog articles, and intranets through a simple click.



Email communication is one of the most common internal collaboration tools that companies leverage to keep their employees on track with everything that’s going on. However, the smoothness and precision of the communication can be improved through tools like ContactMonkey.

This particular tool allows organizations to create, send, and track emails directly from Gmail and Outlook while keeping everything in check. Here are some of the great features offered by this tool:

  • It tracks email opens, thus making it possible to know which employees are opening or ignoring your emails.
  • Provides email templates which can be easily modified through a drag and drop builder.
  • The emails you send with ContactMonkey are responsive, so they can be opened on every imaginable device.
  • It allows you to create, optimize, and send personalized emails to all the contacts who are part of your Outlook distribution list. The emails can also be sent to contacts from Google Groups.
  • Employee feedback becomes an effortless process. The software tracks social reactions, like buttons, star ratings, and pulse surveys.


Trello is a popular internal communication app that provides a unique value proposition. This tool allows you to easily create and manage boards which help at streamlining communication in the workplace.


If you’re having trouble organizing your team and projects, Trello is the perfect solution for your workplace. In a few words, Trello is the most performant tool that provides a collaborative location in which information, assignment help, and rules can be posted.

  • Keep all the essential information in one place
  • Give special privileges to specific employees
  • Allow every employee to keep track of the individual and collective responsibilities
  • Trello boards can be easily modified, and they sync immediately



Dropbox is definitely the most popular file transfer tool in the world. Rather than keeping all your information and documents in more than one place, your employees can leverage Dropbox to use, find, and transfer important files. Dropbox can also be considered a “knowledge management system”.

  • Since Dropbox is very popular today, it can be integrated with many useful tools like Bestessaytips, Superior Paper writing service, and Showcase.
  • Not surprisingly, you can use Dropbox to import your most important files into Slack. This way, collaboration efficiency will skyrocket.
  • Whenever you update a file on Dropbox, it instantly syncs across all of your employees’ accounts.
  • Dropbox is multifunctional. You can use it on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, using your PC, tablet, or phone.

Zoom Video Communications

Zoom Video Communications is a video collaboration tool that’s perfect for every modern office who requires frequent video communication possibilities.

Zoom meeting tool

The tool allows you to conduct video webinars, host online video meetings, and leverage the business instant messaging feature for file sharing and cross-platform messaging.

  • Online video meetings can be instantly hosted. The tool is similar to Skype, yet it provides more business features.
  • There’s a useful feature called “Zoom Rooms” that allows you to host audio, web, and high-quality video meetings in multiple sized rooms.
  • You can set up effective conference rooms in a matter of minutes
  • It adds a sophisticated yet easy-to-use enterprise phone system


Last but not least, Slack is a viable option for any type of business. Whether you’re running a small local business, an online website, or a big agency, Slack will come in handy.

Slack is a quite popular tool in today’s modern workplaces. It provides many features and a lot of useful integrations with other important collaboration apps like Asana, Dropbox, Outlook, and Gmail.

  • Slack is a very effective instant messaging application that allows workers to instantly share opinions and feedback.
  • Slack brings solutions for the sales, IT, engineering, customer support, marketing, and project management sectors.
  • It has a neat security system that keeps all of your files and internal communications safe.
  • It allows you to manage and organize your co-workers and employees better than most tools do.
  • Employees can announce when they log off, when they won’t be available, or when a project will be turned in faster than expected.
  • Slack is a multipurpose tool that serves a lot of purposes!

Final Words

The list of effective communication tools doesn’t end here. Implementing an online collaboration tool is a tough and responsible decision because your employees need a stable communication environment.

Therefore, in order to avoid making bad decisions, make sure that you consult your co-leaders to improve the likelihood of making a wise choice.

Nevertheless, equipping the necessary communication tools will improve your company’s efficiency, sharing processes, engagement, and productivity sooner than you ever expect!

Justin Osborne