CXService360 is a leading online magazine focused on customer service & experience. Our mission is to help businesses design and offer great customer experiences that leads to a positive brand reputation and loyalty.

We do this by publishing high-quality articles, blogs and interactive content; latest reports on key industry issues and trends; and also sharing tips & tools for service professionals seeking an edge in their career.

Meet The Founder

CXService360 was founded in 2016 by Kelechi Okeke an award-winning customer experience professional who is passionate about helping businesses improve customer loyalty and profitability.  Kelechi has over 5 years of experience working as a Data analyst and CX manager across banking and insurance. He is also a keynote speaker and a Graphic designer.

Currently, Kelechi is in charge of research on leading trends in customer service and customer experience, content development and marketing here at CXService360.

For support or questions about advertising/sponsorship opportunities, contact Kelechi Okeke, at  [email protected] 


Our Story

You could say that cxservice360 is the product of the combination of elements and circumstances that integrated favourably. The website has a recent history, it was born in 2016, thanks to its founder Kelechi Okeke.

In his veins, the passion for online content development was beating. But passion was not the only key ingredient. Since its inception, cxservice360 has been a mixture of passion, solid service experience management and creative design experience.

Despite our young age, we have received solid signs of trust. CXService360 is globally recognized as a top customer experience website on the internet today publishing relevant weekly content for thousands of professionals monthly.

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