Customer Service Story – Pontiac

Customer complaints are very valuable sources of insight into the growth & improvement of a business and its products or services. They help businesses identify problems with its products or processes and also provides an opportunity for the brand to make improvements. This makes it necessary to value the complaining customer and take their complaints seriously.

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Uber Customer Service Story

Whenever you request for an Uber on your phone, you have no idea what to expect, most people make their judgement using details on the app like the vehicle brand or model, driver’s rating. The driver on the other hand doesn’t know what to expect. When they receive a ping for a ride request on their phone, all they see is your location, and how far away you are. They don’t even know where you want to go.

While there are many stories of horrible Uber rides, where either the drivers or the customers are not on their best behavior, it is always good to share stories about the experiences that went right.

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