How Call Center Outsourcing Can Make Your Customer Experience Better

Everything is consumer-focused today. From customer expectation to customer interaction with businesses, a lot of areas have evolved. Hence, businesses are also adapting to the market trend. Gone are the days when call centers were seen as cost centers, typically, dealing with telephony. Companies have become more customer-centric and the organizations are making the most out of understanding their needs and preferences. Therefore, call centers are playing a vital role in modern business.

The key to sustaining a competing market for a business is to develop and create a loyal customer base for its products or services. Building trust and loyalty are just like building a heritage – they aren’t built overnight. Consistent and seamless call center support ensures delightful customer experiences.

These positive customer experiences are, then, articulated into a relationship, that is, built between a brand and its customers. Hence, outsourcing call center support becomes essential.

Consumers would pay up to 16% more for a better customer experience. (Source) Customers, today, value their experiences with brands, more than the product they buy. Customer experience is recognized as an avenue for business growth.

Why is call center outsourcing a catalyst to deliver great customer experiences?

Call centers might not be the organization’s core business activity but it has time and again proven pivotal for their success in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Unparalleled customer service

If your agents are not well-trained in the delicate art of customer service, it is smart to leave it to the expert professionals within an outsourced call center. Handling a large volume of customers is a tough task. It requires a fine balance of empathy and efficiency to retain and grow your customer base.

Customers dial-up to call center lines for many reasons such as product or service queries, raise complaints, general questions, or pontificating about the future product or services. The way your contact center outsourcing team satisfies these needs of the customers will differentiate between retention and churn of the organization.

It is difficult to win customers in today’s market and at no cost, businesses will like to lose them. Call center outsourcing services allow brands flexibility in cutting-edge technology and bring more experience in dealing with every type of customer than the brand itself. Firstly, call center outsourcing saves you from aggravations handling different sets of customers, on top of that, provides a seamless and efficient customer experience.

Round-the-clock multilingual support

As customer expectation rises, they expect support in their preferred language. Therefore, global brands look for24x7 multilingual call center to support a large, diversified customer base. While hiring an in-house support team, fluent in different languages is too much to ask for. An outsourced call center team is onboarded with agents that speak local and different languages, bringing higher productivity and customer satisfaction to the table.

Outsourcing call center support to an experienced partner enables a business to serve its customers even after closing hours, in the customer’s preferred language. Hence, making the relationship stronger between brands and customers and as a byproduct increases the chances of customer retention.

71.5% of customer service leaders claim that support in a native’s language increases satisfaction and 74% of customers are more likely to repurchase or use services again when after-sales care is available in their language. (Source)

Get the best tech

Partnering your brand with a new age call center opens up technological horizons for your business. With the right partner, businesses get access to the most advanced technologies and digital channels for call center support that they might not have otherwise been able to invest in.

The best tech brings the best tools into play. Outsourcing partners are equipped with advanced tools that get all kinds of business insights. For example, tools can be leveraged to increase customer satisfaction using customer feedback.

Along with this, some tools provide AHT (Average Handling Time). AHT determines whether an agent is taking more time to resolve a customer’s issues. If it is high, it means customers are getting agitated with the service; therefore, businesses should take measures to optimize it. It is important to follow these call center KPIs to enhance customer experience and advanced technology is critical for it.

Similarly, call center metrics such as FRT (First Response Time), FCRR (First Contact Resolution Rate), NPS (Net Promoter Score), etc. are also important in delivering a consistently delightful customer experience.

Finding the right call center outsourcing partner

Customer experience has grown to be a major differentiator amongst brands. Delivering excellent customer experiences has become the foundation of brand building. Along with improving customer experience, outsourcing call center services will save you money in terms of infrastructure and manpower.

Without having to spend money and effort on training or advanced & expensive tools, businesses can use their resources for core activities and boost revenue. An outsourced partner is on-boarded with highly-skilled trained professionals to embrace your brand by becoming ambassadors.

They are as committed to helping you realize success as are your in-house employees. The outsourced partner will recruit perfectly matched call-center representatives and offer ongoing training to ensure consistency to achieve results.

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Pratik Salia