Customer Service Training

customer service training

Kelechi Okeke is an adept customer trainer, public speaker, and a Nigerian Customer Service Ambassador. He is our lead instructor and training coordinator at CXService360 and is one of the best people who can deliver high-quality customer service training programs for your employees.

If you are looking for a rich, hands-on learning experience for your employees then you should try out our customer service training programs. Our training programs can be delivered both in-person and online and we offer unique and valuable advantages

  • Customized – The program is tailored to focus on your team’s unique needs.
  • Immersive & Practical – Participants learn through rich learning activities, engaging discussions, practical examples and case studies.

In addition, participants benefit from one-on-one coaching and guidance to help them improve performance and achieve career success.

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We also customize content to fit the needs of our individual clients. To find out more about our training services and how we can be of help, please contact us here.