Emotional Intelligence Series – Part 1

Emotional intelligence

In today’s world, now more than ever, creating extraordinary Customer experience is becoming an edge businesses have over competition, and has become critical for survival.

Because emotions play a great role in determining where, how and why a Customer buys or uses a particular product/service.

It is important that Service reps & Customer interfacing staff in any organization have some degree of Emotional Intelligence.

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Customer Service: Managing Workplace Stress


In the business of rendering service to the public, dealing with people every day can be hard on the nerve sometimes, especially when you have to deal with difficult people or complaints regularly. Workplace stress is one of the most common causes of job dissatisfaction.
Learning how to manage stress is important as stress impacts negatives both in work productivity and health (physical and emotional).
While you can’t control everything in your workplace, or the type of Customers you deal with. You are not completely helpless when it comes to dealing with stress.

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