Tips On How To Improve Empathy


The ability to recognize and understand emotion in other people is important in building & sustaining relationships in business and interpersonal relationships. A brand’s opportunity to demonstrate that it really understands what its customers feel comes through its various customer service channels.

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Emotional Intelligence & Your Career (Infographic)

Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient is as important as a person’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient) when it comes to work and career excellence. It plays an important role in our ability to connect with others in social interactions and with our selves (in those sober moments).

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Infographic: Emotional Intelligence and You

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and appropriately respond to one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. In business, it is becoming more widely accepted that this intelligence has great influence on customer satisfaction.

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How to Handle The Very Upset Customer


If you have a job in service industry, it is almost inevitable that you’ll encounter a disgruntled customer who is very unhappy about the product or service received. So what happens when you’re face to face with a Customer who’s a few moments away from blowing a fuse or pouring out his/her anger on you?

In my experience i have realized that a lot of Service reps, especially in the Small and Medium Enterprises are ill-trained on handling aggrieved Customers, and they end up losing business because the reps fail to properly handle the delicate situation. It is not enough to train them on how to treat Customers warmly and courteously, it’s very important that they also know how to handle an aggrieved Customer.

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Emotional Intelligence Series – Part 1

Emotional intelligence

In today’s world, now more than ever, creating extraordinary Customer experience is becoming an edge businesses have over competition, and has become critical for survival.

Because emotions play a great role in determining where, how and why a Customer buys or uses a particular product/service.

It is important that Service reps & Customer interfacing staff in any organization have some degree of Emotional Intelligence.

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