Welcome to CXService360! 

CXService360 is a knowledge sharing website focused on customer service & experience. It was created with the vision of making this knowledge easily accessible for:

  • Big & small business, in all economic sectors, who wish to put the Customer at the heart of every business decision.
  • Customer service professionals who wish to gain insights that will be of great assistance in their careers.

About the Founder

Kelechi Okeke (founder)

Kelechi Okeke is a customer service & experience analyst in a leading financial institution in sub-Saharan African. A computer science graduate of Imo state university, with previous experience in graphic design before discovering his passion for customer service & writing.


To create competitive, world-class business environments that deliver the best experiences, one where business is engaging, easy, personalized and fun.


I intend to achieve this by sharing knowledge that transforms the experience of the customers positively & enhances the relationship between organizations and their customers in one source. In addition, I share tips & tools which will be beneficial to customer service professionals seeking an edge in their career.

I am just getting started. Will you join me?

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