Customer Service Story – A Split In The Sole

Good customer service stories deserve to be retold and shared. This story is about an experience a customer (Steve Grey) had when he had a problem with a Shoe he bought from Zappos. If you’ve heard about Zappos before now, you probably know they have a great reputation for customer service – which is well … Continue reading Customer Service Story – A Split In The Sole

Exceptional Customer Service Story – Southwest Airlines

Customer service is hard, yet it is rewarding. But sometimes it can be difficult to go above and beyond to deliver great service to customers. This is the reason why stories about great customer service deserved to shared, to motivate and inspire people who have made a career out of helping & serving others.

Bank Customer Service Story

This awesome customer service story was shared on The Financial Brand website by Ron Shevlin. The story shows how much of an impact one employee going the extra mile can have on customer loyalty, and the advantage it can have on the career of a customer service professional. I hope you enjoy it as much as … Continue reading Bank Customer Service Story

The History Of Customer Service

Customer service as we know it today has taken over 2 centuries to evolve. Merchants, tradesmen even the local butcher and Hat makers had began to realize the importance of creating mediums for their customers to contact and engage with them. This was because the Industrial age came and made mass production possible, leading to an even … Continue reading The History Of Customer Service