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Hilarious Call Center Recording – Computer Problem

In customer service, the importance of listening actively to customers is often understated. When service reps fail to pay attention to what customers are trying to communicate it leads to frustration and dissatisfied customers. In a call center, listening is even more important as there are no visual cues to help the service rep decode what the customer is trying to say. 

This call center recording is a great example of how easily a service interaction can become a nightmare when reps fail to listen to what the customer is trying to communicate.

By the end of this call, that customer will never want to have any business with the brand, and he is very likely to share this experience with friends, family, and acquaintances. Listening is not just an important customer service skill, it is a life skill which plays an important role in both personal relationships and work.

Fortunately, the ability to listening effectively can be learned. How much of a good listener are you? (Take this quiz to find out)

“It’s very easy to get caught up in our own stuff on a day-to-day basis and skip listening as a skill that we need to work on as it takes time and effort. But, taking a little time and effort and applying this to yourself and your business is a guaranteed way to connect more with your customers, improve your sales, team performance, leadership, employee engagement and overall business growth”
– Adrian Swinscoe

What would you differently after listening to this call if you were the owner of the business?


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