Ways To Achieve Customer Excellence

Five Ways To Achieve Customer Excellence – Tal Shnall

Every business understands that giving excellent service is the key to long-term success. However, it seems to me that few businesses actually deliver consistent, exceptional customer service. Many business leaders know it’s critical and want to build a pipeline of new clients, but somewhere it falls short of this goal.

So what’s the problem, you may ask?  I think it’s because they have underestimated some of the fundamentals of creating a culture of excellence, they simply talk about how important service is, but do not do the things necessary to achieve a high level of great service.

Here are five ways to help you think about better customer service to consistently deliver an exceptional experience to your raving fans!

#1. A Customer Service Credo

If you are serious about customer excellence, then you must articulate and have a culture that supports it. The best way to connect and engage your team around it is by creating a shared credo. The Service Credo must communicate clearly what is your mission in order to achieve excellence. It must be a noble purpose that connected your brand to its values and its people.

#2. Create SMART Service Goals

Excellence must be measured with specific outcomes. Without clear SMART goals, your team would not be able to know whether they are striving for excellence or just coming to work. That’s like telling someone who wants to be fit, to just go to the gym and workout.

When we establish clear SMART goals with Service Excellence objectives, we hold ourselves accountable for results. When everyone is aware and can contribute to the goals of excellence, there will be much greater clarity.

#3. On-Going Service Training

I cannot emphasize the idea of training enough. Many businesses do a good job upon orientation or onboarding, but is that enough to keep people focused on service excellence? Take time to evaluate your customer service training programs. They can make a positive difference. The business world is as competitive as ever. If you are not equipping and mentoring your team for excellence, then they will fall behind compared to your competition. More importantly, they would not have the most updated training and development necessary to succeed.

#4. Tools and Resources to Deliver Excellence

To perform at excellent levels, people need the proper tools and resources to succeed. As a manager in your organization, it’s your responsibility to make sure the service delivery is effective and timely to your customers. More than any other time, customers are looking for efficiency and less hassle in dealing with a company’s service. It’s a win-win for your customers as well as your team. If your employees have the proper tools to perform their role, they will be more effective in taking care of the customer.

#5. Celebrate And Continue To Sharpen The Saw

Ways to achieve customer excellence - celebrateLet’s not forget to celebrate by recognizing your team for the small wins. Share success stories that inspire people to deliver positive memories to your customers. While you celebrate the success of yesterday, keep looking to tomorrow by continuously improving your products and service.

Excellence is not a destination, but a journey. Even when you are satisfied, there is always room for new innovations and creating a better experience for all.

Tal is a Customer Service Trainer and Speaker, with more than 20 years’ of hotel guest operations. He has facilitated training programs for several hotel brands such as Marriott, Hilton, Starwood and Intercontinental Hotel Group. He adds value through Customer Excellence Training, Leadership Development, Corporate Training, and Executive Coaching. Connect with him on Linkedin

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