10 Signs You Need To Smile More

Smile moreSmiling is a basic gesture every human on this planet can understand & use. The power of a simple smile is often under estimated, but it is something that can have an immeasurable impact on people. The impact of smiling has been studied and has been proven to have a positive effect on others as well as your state of mind. This makes smiling very important not just in customer service, but in your social & personal life.

Unfortunately, smiling doesn’t come easily to everyone. Some people smile very easily, but for others, there has to be some deliberate effort to produce a smile. Here are 10 signs that you need to smile more –

#1. Customers Avoid you

Customers would rather wait for a colleague (who is visibly busy) to attend to them than come to you. Even when they do come to you, you notice they make effort not to upset you.

#2. People ask you “what’s wrong?” A lot

Almost on a daily basis, colleagues and loved ones ask you “What’s wrong” or “Is everything okay?” even when you are feeling good. Sometimes you’re asked the questions so often that it gets on your nerves.

#3. Colleagues Prefer To Leave you alone

Your colleagues seem to avoid you, and you can’t figure out why or what you might have done. Sometimes they don’t even invite you for coffee or weekend activities and you feel left out. You know you don’t have bad breath or body odor, but you can’t figure out why they steer clear of you.

#4. Your Boss Often Tells You To “Smile more” or “cheer up”
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Your boss frequently tells you to “Cheer up” or “Smile more” even when you don’t see any need for it. You’ve even noticed he doesn’t say it as often to your colleagues, so you come up with a clever method of faking a smile when ever you see your boss coming your way, just to avoid hearing the annoying reminder.

#5. Colleagues Dislike You, Till They Get To Know You

After you interact with people for the first time, they usually reveal that they thought you weren’t friendly or nice.  They say things like – I didn’t know you were this friendly (or nice).

#6. Customers Often Feel You Are Condescending If You Are not smiling

Customers complain you were snobbish to them, and most of the time you don’t remember doing anything wrong. This makes you put on a fake smile when you interact with customers which feels awkward most of the time.

#7. When You’re Sad, People Don’t Notice

When you’re actually feeling down, nobody seems to notice. You often have to verbally explain that you’re not having a good time before you get some emotional support.

#8. People Say You Look Different When You Smile

When people see pictures and photos where you’re actually smiling, they often say you look different. You just see it as a compliment even though you know there wasn’t anything different or new about you in the pictures.

#9. Your Cheeks Ache Because of All The Fake Smiles
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You feel aches on your cheeks by the end of the day because of all those times you’ve had to fake a smile so people don’t ask you annoying questions or think you’re depressed.

#10. There Are People Who Always Try To Make You “Feel Better” Everyday

There are a few people in your life who take it upon themselves to make you ‘feel better’. Some of them might have even recommended anti-depressants or send you uplifting Whatsapp messages daily, but you just think they’re being nice.

If none of these signs are common with you, then you do not need to read any further, but if these signs resonate with you, then you really need to smile often (I do not mean becoming a master of fake smiles). There are easy ways you can learn to smile genuinely and more often. You just need to practice.

4 Exercises To Form The Habit of Smiling More

Pick one or two of the following exercises, practice them daily for the next month, they would help you form the habit of smiling often and easily.

#1. Smile The Moment You Wake Up

smile moreStarting tomorrow, as soon as you wake up, smile. Isn’t it wonderful that you are alive and well, and you have another chance to write a new chapter in your life? Smile at the possibilities the day contains as you stretch on the bed.

#2. Smile At Your Reflection

Any time you see a reflection of yourself smile at the man or woman in the mirror. Do it whenever you see a mirror, a reflective door, window or a reflective surface. Make the smile look as natural as you can, it might feel awkward at first, but it gets easier with time. If you feel self-conscious, do it when no one else is around.

#3. Focus On The Good Stuff

What always brings a smile to your face? It could be a picture of a loved one, memories of an event or that joke that never gets old to you. Use the picture as your smartphone wallpaper, or recall those special memories that bring a smile to your face.

#4. Use Triggers

smile moreCreate a trigger to remind yourself to smile. You could use a reminder on your phone, or decide you would smile whenever you see something specific; like your dream car or a mirror. Throughout the day, whenever you encounter this trigger, just smile. It will help you form the habit of smiling easily. You can also use certain words or phrases that are common as triggers, for instance – smiling whenever you hear someone say ‘Thank you” or “Hello”.

A warm smile is a nonverbal universal sign of acceptance and has huge significance in our personal, work & social lives. The gesture of smiling exhibits confidence, eagerness, and the disposition to perform duties with all your heart. When you learn to smile easily and often, you become more approachable, customers and colleagues will naturally gravitate towards you not only because they feel welcomed to speak with, you but also because of the positive energy your smile radiates.

A smile costs absolutely nothing, yet the rewards are great and many. Form the habit of smiling and see how much this small act can transform so many aspects your life.

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