CXService360 Voted Top Customer Experience Blog!!

I am super excited to announce that has been voted as one of the top 75 customer experience blogs on the web by panelists at!

We are truly honored to be on that list, alongside big names in the customer service & CX industry. This goes a long way in reinforcing our resolve to develop and share valuable content for businesses that wish to put the Customer at the heart of every business decision, & Customer service professionals who desire to gain insights that will impact positively on their careers.

On behalf of the CXService360 team, I say thank you to everyone who has made this possible. From the industry gurus (Shep Hyken, Jeff Toister, Bill Quiseng & Steve Curtin) who have shared their expertise and knowledge with us, to all our readers and fans, who shared their stories, insights, and comments, we are truly grateful and we love you!

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Kelechi Okeke

Kelechi Okeke is a Customer Experience Analyst in a leading financial institution in sub-Saharan African. He helps businesses develop strategies that improve customer loyalty and enhance profitability. He is also a customer service trainer, content developer and graphic designer