The Power Of a Simple Smile

Great Customer Service always starts with a smile, and with good reason. In business it is important that to every customer you meet, your facial expression and body language must say-

 “Welcome! i’m so glad you’ve come today”

importance of smiling
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Consumers can be cynical, they want to know that the companies they do business with are trustworthy, honest and real.

When they can go to any one of the many companies offering the same or similar goods and services –

  • Why should they patronize you instead of XYZ?
  • How do they know they’ll get good service, a high-quality product or the best price?
  • Can they trust you to deliver on what you promise?

Questions like these make it critical to create a very good first impression right from the onset, Smiling is crucial when it comes to first impressions.- Studies show that people will think they already know someone if that person smiles at them, even if it’s an absolute stranger!

Smiling when you first meet someone will indicate to the other person that you are genuinely happy to see them and that you are a positive person. These impressions will be lasting on the other person

A genuine smile is one of the easiest ways to send a message that people can trust and cooperate with your brand – If you create trust, you’ll have customers for life. Without trust, you’re not going anywhere profitable.

When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. – Louis Armstrong

You don’t need to go very far in life before realizing that smiling is contagious. if you’ve ever been around someone who just had something fantastic happen to him/her you’d know it’s almost impossible not to feel good with them, even something as simple as seeing a friend smile can activate the muscles in your face to make that same expression, without you even being aware that you are doing it.

This also happens when you welcome a Customer warmly with a smile, naturally the customer will become more at ease in your presence, will more likely open up about questions they have or complaints they want to make.

importance of smiling

Smiling isn’t just something you can do with your face. It communicates your state of mind. A simple smile can be the most significant part of a business transaction, it influences people’s perception of a brand and their level of customer satisfaction.

Building a Customer focused culture must be driven from the top. Starting at the top means that leadership and management must set the tone, they must practice what they preach.  They must treat employees like they want the customer treated, and reward behaviors that drive the friendly culture forward

This poem by Barbara Hauck is one of my favorite poems and it illustrates just how far  simple smile can go


She smiled at a sorrowful stranger…
The smile seemed to make him feel better…
He remembered past kindnesses of a friend
And wrote him a thank you letter…
The friend was so pleased with the thank you
That he left a large tip after lunch…
The waitress, surprised by the size of the tip,
Bet the whole thing on a hunch…
The next day she picked up her winnings,
And gave part to a man on the street…
The man on the street was grateful;
For two days he’d had nothing to eat…
After he finished his dinner,
He left for his small dingy room…
He didn’t know at that moment
That he might be facing his doom…
On the way he picked up a shivering puppy
And took him home to get warm…
The puppy was very grateful
To be in out of the storm…
That night the house caught on fire…
The puppy barked the alarm…
He barked till he woke the whole household
And saved everybody from harm…
One of the boys that he rescued
Grew up to be President…
All this because of a simple smile
That hadn’t cost a cent..

Remember to smile! If you’re not smiling when you greet a Customer, make a conscious effort to do so. Do whatever you have to do, to put yourself in the state of mind that makes you happy, that simple welcoming smile might do wonders for the Customer’s day!

What better way to show you care than to simply smile…

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Kelechi Okeke

Kelechi Okeke is a Customer Experience Analyst in a leading financial institution in sub-Saharan African. He helps businesses develop strategies that improve customer loyalty and enhance profitability. He is also a customer service trainer, content developer and graphic designer

5 thoughts on “The Power Of a Simple Smile”

  1. loved this, as you walk around in your call center. Smile at the associates and they will most likely smile back and say Hello. This helps them to smile when they take their next call and will make for an easier customer service expression.

  2. Remember that not only do we need to support positive attitudes and employee engagement, but the real “secret” is hiring RIGHT FROM THE START! You can’t teach attitude! Take time and be selective. Make sure to select the candidate that has a warm smile and gives you a good first impression in the first few seconds when you meet for the interview. Remember: this is the best they can do. Is it good enough for your brand??

    1. Thank you Susan.
      I agree with you, attitude cannot be taught. Hiring the right people from the onset who have warm and friendly qualities makes it all easier

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