Why The Complaining Customer Should Be Valued


Complaints are emotional in nature, people complain when they feel hurt or disappointed, but most of the time, businesses feel and see the complaining customer as a pain, and a burden, and can’t wait to get rid of them. The service rep, apologizes and empathizes and fervently prays subconsciously, for the customer to leave and stop making their day miserable.

But on the other hand, THE COMPLAINING CUSTOMER IS GOLD, if you look at it from the right perspective.

Customer Complaints

How? You ask.

Consider this – Have you ever had any misunderstanding with your significant other, over something small, but then none you is willing to compromise and take the blame. Then that very small misunderstanding degenerates to both of you feeling so emotionally hurt by the other, that it almost jeopardizes the relationship?

This is also what happens when a customer complains to an organization about a perceived lapse (no matter how small) and they fail to resolve it effectively.
Businesses need to understand that the complaining customer values their relationship with the company and wants to help improve it. They are the ones who care and give you a chance to fix things.

How does this make him/her valuable?

The value of the complaining customer comes from the fact that –

  • The complaining customer is a good source of valuable unbiased feedback, his complaints point out areas where you need to make improvements.
  • The complaining customer gives a company a chance to render delightful service (and delighted customers will talk positively about your brand to 4 -6 people)
  • Complaining customers are most likely to remain loyal if their complaints are resolved effectively, and will even recommend your brand to more people, this creates a positive brand perception and makes the complaining customer profitable.

In conclusion bear in mind that there are a great number of customers who don’t bother to tell you about their bad experiences. Research (Lee Resource) shows that for every complaining customer there are hundreds of other dissatisfied customers who have remained silent.
Author Michael LeBoeuf describes such customers as the ‘Nice Customers’ who never complain. Most of the time, they simply stop doing business with you.

So, whenever you get your next complaining customer, i hope you’ll keep this in mind, and capitalize on effectively resolving the complaints or better still, blowing them away with a moment of magic.

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Kelechi Okeke

Kelechi Okeke is a Customer Experience Analyst in a leading financial institution in sub-Saharan African. He helps businesses develop strategies that improve customer loyalty and enhance profitability. He is also a customer service trainer, content developer and graphic designer

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