How Amazon Perfected Online Delivery

Amazon is a pioneer in the online retail industry. Since it was founded in 2004, it has set the standard for online deliveries. It’s currently the fastest company to earn over $100 billion in sales revenue, a feat that took just 20 years. What really differentiated Amazon from other companies was the introduction of features that capitalized on customers’ need for instant deliveries.  Read more “How Amazon Perfected Online Delivery”

Innovations in Online Customer Experience

Top 7 Innovations in Online Customer Experience

Digital technologies today evolve faster than we can adapt. If you consider this to be a huge hassle for your business, take a breather to think from the POV of your customers. They are constantly coming across new technologies that they cannot easily comprehend. The result? Businesses taking this as an opportunity to reshape their customer experiences with tools that smoothen their customer journeys. Read more “Top 7 Innovations in Online Customer Experience”

Lessons From The Interesting Success Story Of Amazon –

The other day, I was attending a class for a diploma in Human Resource Management. The facilitator was teaching us about motivational theories and their applications. He talked about Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation and the hierarchy of needs, then he made emphasis on how to motivate people who are at the self-actualization need level.

Read more “Lessons From The Interesting Success Story Of Amazon –”

7 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Wow Your Customers [Slideshow]

Without customers, you have no business. That’s common sense, but it is not enough to have customers, you need to earn their loyalty. Today’s customer now has the option of doing business with a brand a few blocks down the road or halfway around the world, thanks to the internet. Read more “7 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Wow Your Customers [Slideshow]”

Measuring Call Centre Performance – 8 Metrics You Should Track

The call centre isn’t just about picking up the phone 24/7, it plays a pivotal role in supporting customers and managing their relationship with businesses. If customer interactions are handled poorly at the call centre, it would drive customers away, turn off prospects and weaken the reputation of any brand. Read more “Measuring Call Centre Performance – 8 Metrics You Should Track”

Walking In The Customer’s Shoes – Really

We have all heard the phrase “walk in the customer’s shoes”, but what does it mean to really do this? Let me give my thoughts on this all too well-known phrase. Picture if you will, going into a shoe store and trying on a pair of shoes a size or two bigger than your actual shoe size. What might you experience when you attempt to walk in them? Read more “Walking In The Customer’s Shoes – Really”